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The mission of Sky Surfer Wireless is to provide the best in customer service and reliable High-speed Internet to our customers in Okanagan Falls, Penticton, Kaleden, Twin Lakes, Oliver, Willow Brook, Shrike Hill area and surrounding areas at a comparable market price.


A Lower Cost, higher speed, alternative to the painfully slow, comparably priced service of dial up. No contract to sign, no second phone line required, a very affordable installation, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Clients are introduced to a world of high speed convenience to accomplish their business and everyday tasks on the internet. In fact, each subscriber is offered spam block and antiviral screening leading to less downtime and allowing the most effective use of their time. Wireless radios can always be on, there is no “dialling in”. Major wiring is not needed in the home or business. Wireless is always connected, 24/7, surf at the click of a mouse anytime. The only reasonable alternative for non urban areas and difficult terrain.


To connect you to the internet, we install a small antenna on the roof or side of your home or office. The antenna is pointed at one of our local towers, establishing your wireless Internet connection. Your connection is always on; you never have to disconnect because you or your kids need to use the phone.


Both Residential and Business users are protected from unwanted intrusions (hackers) by multiple firewalls, stopping them cold from accessing your network or individual computer.


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Now servicing the Okanagan and surrounding areas!

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We now service the South Okanagan and surrounding with more areas added each month. Please feel free to look at the coverage areas and see if you are eligible for high speed service yet.

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Now you and your neighbours can benefit from high-speed wireless Internet access at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadband services. SkySurfer combines out of this world speed with down to earth pricing. All you have to do is take the first step. Explore a whole new world of Internet access on SkySurfer.

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